The corrosion of aluminiumRecognised expertise

My professional career, with long experience of corrosion of aluminium in widely varying applications of aluminium, my publications on corrosion of aluminium, including “Corrosion de l’aluminium” published by Dunod and translated into English by Elsevier under the title “Corrosion of aluminium” have enhanced my reputation in both the university and industrial environments.

My books are the reference on the corrosion of aluminium and I am acknowledged as being a specialist and expert in the corrosion of aluminium.

For this reason, there are many users of aluminium and design offices who consult me on the subject of corrosion of aluminium and applications of aluminium susceptible to corrosion :

  • aluminium in transport vehicles,
  • aluminium in building,
  • aluminium in marine applications,
  • aluminium in ground equipment,
  • aluminium in renewable energy,
  • aluminium in heat exchangers,
  • galvanic corrosion of aluminium,
  • the resistance of aluminium to contact with chemical products,
  • etc.
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